May 9, 2022

#256 — 🔁 Feedback Loops

#256 — 🔁 Feedback Loops
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Jamming about feedback loops in today's episode and how Lunch Pail Labs can implement stronger ones internally and for clients. This is a great read on feedback loops as well. 


What's up everybody, this is Lola Ojabowale, founder of Lunch pail labs. Welcome back to Lunch pail daily, my personal audio diary I'm building and growing Lunch pail Labs, which is a one woman digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. And today's episode, we're gonna jam about feedback loops, feedback loops, feedback loops. 

Critical thing for any product or service to have, we take it all the way back to Eric Ries is lean startup that build measure, learn model, in order to learn, you've got to measure and you have to have customer feedback in some way. I also think it's really interesting topic just because especially in the the sphere of like education and marketing is education, and even new startups that are coming up in I don't know if they would define themselves in a tech space but that have significant education components is a lot of them are innovating in the speed and tightness of the the learners feedback loop. So things like rep let you get feedback immediately, free code camp, so and this feedback loops, give it a little bit of a definition is the process of collecting customer feedback continuously and improving your product slash service based on those insights. So I spend some time this morning really diving into what do people have to say about different examples of feedback loops, and thinking about how to apply it to lunch pail labs, not only for, like the clients of lunch pail labs, but also for sort of side project ideas I'm jamming on as well as for my clients, clients or clients customers, how may some of the things we build how may we bolster some of those feedback loops. 

So basically, a lot of what I found is there kind of really two categories, there's your pre launch almost feedback loops, which I don't know if you can really call it a loop. But ways in which you get feedback, things like prototypes, customer interviews, UI mock ups, things before the build stage. And then you have your built stage sort of thing where you do sell probably do customer interviews, customer surveys, betas. And then you know, once you have like, things get more mature, and you have more usage and more people in there you have your customer support, your employee feedback, all of that. And like I said, kind of earlier, really Lunch Pail Labs, I shame on me don't really get or like seek feedback pretty regularly. I think I've also mentioned this in like a week, in review. I interact with clients regularly we talk obviously, if there's something that they need to change for something that we're working on, you know, there's that conversation, but I'm not like actively sending surveys. So I think a fun kind of mini project, or like many to do is really established the process for that. There might even be a tool I can just hire out of the box that will do it for me. And I think it can be something that's really straightforward, like, you know, how pleased Are you or like a one to five star rating that can just give me some more data information to keep a pulse on just like how people are feeling. And yeah, and that's something to I think the cool thing about these feedback loops are getting feedback from customers in this way is that is like data or information that you can mark it later like oh, like of our engagements, this is what we are rated and things like that, or this is what people have to say. So getting getting better at that. And there may even be like I said, like maybe like a mini idea or something that's shareable for others of in this process and either like a prebuilt automation that does it or things like that. And then in terms of like the actual products, I think I think generally there with helping clients with those things, whether it is huddling up with customers to do interviews, or looking at support feedback. I think in some ways, I can definitely be more organized of having what's the feedback loop in mind like as we're We're building. We're building like, yeah,

an app like, do we want to add a widget that ever so once in a while, ask like, what's your experience? Like? Like any kind of like question like that and rate it from one to 10. So I think it's one of those things as you as I continue refining, lunch pail labs or process how we work with people like having a good process here takes like, a service from just like, oh, cool, you're building stuff for folks, yada yada to like, oh, like you're actually like really building things and trying to help folks kind of like Grow, grow businesses and products that under and real processes that support those products, because that's, that's the standard that we're all at least I'm trying to get to. So that's really the jam for the day feedback loops. I have a little bit of a homework in this regard in terms of yeah, maybe creating some templates sharing some of this on Twitter. But at least I can close this zettelkasten card which I've had for a while of like feedback loops. Like let's don't let's dig into this topic and see what we can find and take and use with on trail ads. So I hope everyone has a most wonderful Monday and I will catch you all later.