April 6, 2022

#232 — 📽 Investing in Storytelling

#232 — 📽 Investing in Storytelling
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Recently joined 1 min media a video production community. Looking forward to using the tactics for content with Lunch Pail Labs


What's up everybody? This is Lola Ojabowale, founder of Lunch Pail Labs. Welcome back to Lunch Pail Daily, my personal audio diary on building and growing Lunch Pail Labs, which is a digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. And today's episode, we're going to jam about investing in storytelling, storytelling, video production, I just really think it's one of those stellar, almost fringe skills, wildcard skills, we'll call it secret sauce skills for an agency builder, maker solopreneur, to have. And so I've been looking to invest more in building that out for myself and for lunch pail labs. 

And I did so by joining one minute media, I'll link the community in the bio, it's 250 per month, I'll probably be a part of it for a couple of months. But these first couple of days have had a lot of value. And it was surprisingly hard to find a decent community for learning video. 

But in these past few days, getting some interesting just fundamental knowledge on lighting in thirds and creating a video script. So I'm very excited to get started with it, really dive in. And I also like that it's founded by and managed by an indie creator, I feel like there's just so much power in buying from someone who you can talk to and like jam with and have real conversations with and not some mega corporate entity.

 I actually used to have a client who was very adamant about buying from indie developers for his tech stack in particular, and I really think I'm gonna look to indie developers for learning because I feel like it's quicker to be on the faster move of trends in my opinion. That is the investment of the day, I got a video that I'm working on for clients, I'm just gonna keep jamming on that and now with the reinforcements of some pretty cool tips. So that's really it and I hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful Tuesday.