April 4, 2022

#231 — 🗣 Going to market with clients

#231 — 🗣 Going to market with clients
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Chatting about going to market with clients in this episode, why I think no-code agencies should think beyond "no-code dev" and the process I've been trialing on a few projects.

Hey what's up everybody? This is Lola Ojabowale, founder of lunch pail labs. Welcome back to lunch pail daily, my personal audio diary on building and growing lunch pail labs, which is a digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In today's episode, we're gonna jam about going to market with clients. 

 I've been doing some iteration on the process and the kind of template I use, and wanted to share more on this podcast, what all that looks like at lunch pail labs, when we're going to market with clients. This is at the stage of weary are nearing the end of the sort of build process, they're gearing up to kind of announce this to either external or internals kind of stakeholders, customers. And we think about like, how we want to how we want to show up, how do we want to launch How do you want to go to market, and a lot of this can be like iterative activities. So we'll usually do some like on some of the things that I have kind of done with projects, we'll have our initial and then can revisit it in the future. And it's also one of those, I think, quick extensions to just building no code products that I think really brings more value to clients and also helps to execute on the actual job to be done. At the end of the day. We're not all here building apps for fun. Well, I mean, sometimes we build apps are fun, if you if you're building apps just to learn and have fun, that's cool. But folks hire me because they want more customers, they want more clients, they want to build a business or create more revenue. And that's also a lot of the primary in some ways, drivers for things that I like, would like to launch as well. And in my experience with bigger agencies, because I have had the opportunity to collab with much larger product, no code agencies that then myself as both like a no-code developer and a no-code product manager, I've always found that like going to market was  not a thing that we would help with, even if we did have super large projects. Like it wasn't something that we would at least like mention of like, okay, like, how do we want to introduce this to customers. And it seemed like a few projects where we didn't, sometimes they were, were that would have been a fruitful conversation is all to say so. 

 I also think it's, as I go into this template here, something that is a good candidate for good enough. Where a solid component, a solid template with some good fodder for questions can really guide a conversation without having to necessarily like supremely overextend someone's skill. 

And so the template I've have gone through a few iterations on client projects, I keep it relatively simple. And I'm sure I'll iterate more over time. But just three sections. 

First section is a background on where we answer the kind of like essentials, what we're launching, why we're launching and what it's for, and most importantly, who it's for. I also have this typically in the scope. So it's in some ways here, but at least seeing this in the context of like marketing handed to marketing ideas, is it's helpful to kind of remember who we're trying to attract, and just have that frame of mind. 

Then I've got the marketing ideas, typically a brainstorm of a few ideas and how we want to announce the project, or launch it and I don't think even has to be like, over cocked but even some fairly small things like hey, like, you know, let's make sure we like post the tweet, or the GIF, or we can share in this community. And, you know, activities can at least help us get a sense of like reaction and give us some information. Because yeah, so so often I've seen like the hey, I'll hire this agency will build this product. Cool. Now how are we going to get customers? Okay? Or like that was like not like really thought much about?

 Last section also very straightforward attach tracker. So sometimes I am actually involved in like, the creating of the assets, whether it is a blog or a video or helping somebody shape a tweet, who owns it, what's the due date and all of that. 

And that's really like the main On the process, and I think about how can Lunch Pail Labs help our customers solve their actual goals, getting customers, getting more users bringing more attention to their business, growing their revenue. This is one of the pieces that I think contributes to that outside of just like, oh, we build no code products. And that's yeah, that's a wrap for this here Monday. I hope everyone has a wonderful one and I will catch you all later.