March 29, 2022

#227 — 🗞 Investing in information

#227 — 🗞 Investing in information
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Jamming about some ways I'm thinking about investing in information at Lunch Pail Labs to inspire better content.


What's up everybody? This is Lola Ojabowale founder of Lunch Pail Labs. Welcome back to Lunch Pail Daily, my personal audio diary on building and growing Lunch Pail Labs, a digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In today's episode, we're going to jam about investing in information. 

It's been about three months of a more serious content push on my end. I joined ship 30 for 30 in January, where we wrote daily atomic essays. I switched that over to daily threads soon after and I've been really thinking about not just building for clients, but how can I really grow a content machine for Lunch Pail Labs. It's gone through an evolution first, it was just about showing up and now I'm showing up relatively regularly-ish. And now, I'm really focused on trying to make most of what I put out about teaching in some way. And what makes it possible to teach is to know.  I've been looking at a few categories of how I get teachable information, some of that is investing more information, and I kind of have these levels that are in my head. So I wanted to jam through all that in this episode. 

Level one, I think of teaching is kind of like, for me, this reframing slash regurgitating. That's probably most of the content that I've been putting out on the teaching front, because it's easier to put together, it's also less personal, like, I don't care really, if someone doesn't believe in X framework, I have like not a lot of feelings like that. Whereas things that don't have some like, sort of anchor outside of myself, it's like I take full ownership of that idea, type of thing. But, I have at least found it helpful to have new frames of thinking and especially to some of the cool people that I chitchat with, people have shared comments about that information being interesting and helpful to them. But what helps sort of reframing and regurgitating is just like, good quality sources of information. I talked probably a few episodes again, ago about sources of inspiration that I have, and kind of like where I go to creatively explore so that I have new ideas of things to write with. And on that, and I've started to invest in paid sources of information, whether that's newsletters, writing collectives, just to get exposed to things that I may not necessarily know, and still kind of be a student of the world, who is aware of things. And I think that can be helpful with some cross pollination of ideas where some new insights can kind of come about. 

So that's sort of like first level investment, which is like a monetary investment. It's like a one is more like time slash thinking about investment, which I think is probably higher level in terms of impact are helpful to myself. Also riskier, because it's like, it may actually be useful or interesting. And if it is useful and interesting, then I kind of get credit for like introducing this idea. And so it's like a one is like, teasing out trends from examples. I think of it as kind of like a marketing examples approach. So like seeing a category of things in the wild, maybe it's waiting list UX, or ways millionaires make money, and drawing my own conclusions to share with people. It's certainly more interesting, I think than like the regurgitating an framework, but it is a lot more time. 

And then top tier, which I'm not doing enough of, and I kind of want to do more of is the doing and teaching. So what we're building an app and sharing a how to or really sharing, you know how I'm already doing X process with a client. That's definitely a lot more vulnerable. And I don't have any attachment what people think, you know, about like Fogg behavior model, something that people were like, Oh, this is cool and interesting. But I can kind of get in a little the way or so. But I think about sharing things that I'm already doing, and I don't know doing a lot of working things already. So I think there is a lot of fodder for this kind of this kind of like language or this kind of content and things. And I just have to really make the push of just like I'm not just going to do it. I just have to share it but those are the multiple categories. 

There is this like indie hacker strategy of spending 50% of your time on product and 50% of your marketing. And that's kind of part of what I'm thinking. I wonder if there's like a similar idea here where it's like 1/3, regurgitate 1/3 show and tell 1/3 My sort of inspirations or list of examples. So more to think about on that. And, but it's been an interesting three months already. And yeah, just continue to iterate, to continue to do some more stuff that's more on the top tier, because I don't want to be so focused on content that I don't actually, I'm not actually doing it anything interesting. Like, my end goal is not to be a writer. And so I mean, I guess we're coming up at the end of the first quarter. I don't know how helpful this content has been yet, but it's still early. So that's all for me today on this Tuesday. I hope you all have a wonderful one and I will catch you all later.