March 24, 2022

#224 — 📽 Archiving Functionality

#224 — 📽 Archiving Functionality
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A client reached out from a project we worked on almost a year ago. A part of the site stopped working but luckily, I had saved the snippet, so it was easy to revert, but I don't always do that.

Jamming about how archiving functionality can feed future product and content ideas for Lunch Pail Labs.


What's up everybody? This is Lola Ojabowale, founder of lunch pail labs. Welcome back to lunch pail daily, my personal audio diary on building and growing lunch pail Labs, which is a digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

In today's episode, we're gonna jam about no code processes, sort of ways to abstract away useful things, whether it's content, or code snippets, or no code snippets, or frameworks, and kind of archiving functionality from all the work that I'm already doing, kind of increasing the leverage of it there. 

So background, the other day, a client had reached out to me about a site that we had worked on, it's been almost a year since we had worked on that site, they had been playing along with it and some core functionality that required custom code had just completely stopped working. Luckily, for me, on this particular project, I had saved the functionality. So to get back working, it was a simple slip in in there, they gave me the new password, I swapped it out, and I was able to help them out on that case for free just took a couple minutes of my time. But I don't always archive functionality in that way. And I got me thinking about the topic, especially in the context of yesterday's topic, talking about what I'm doing to be able to kind of still do work, and then teach and share what I'm working on in a way that obviously respects sort of client confidentiality. And if this idea of archiving functionality could be a much bigger play, not only for content, but for almost creating like these reusable assets from the work that I'm doing. So in the particular example, it was some custom code for filtering blog posts on one off blood flow site. But which could be all sorts of things like that could be a tutorial that has nothing to do with like that specific client like that could be a tutorial, that could be just like a code snippet that you give away. That could be a template or go with a couple of others sort of like code snippets, like, oh, like, these are all the common custom, most useful custom code things that I've added to x projects. So all all sorts of things there. I may look back at this tool called me never knows. It is a Chrome extension. 

And it lets you create interactive How to Guides just because of that, like visual nature, I think will play well with some of the no code work that I do. But another quick jam of the day, and just I think another way, just like reinforcing that. All work that I can do make the real question I should continue asking is how do I abstracted away into content, maybe a product idea, some other reinforcement, and that can keep the train moving. So again, another really quick jam today. These next couple of weeks are probably going to be shorter episodes. Just because life is super busy right now. But hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful Thursday, and I will catch you all later.