March 19, 2022

#220 β€” πŸͺž week in review

#220 β€” πŸͺž week in review
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It's this week in Β review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (3/12/22 - 3/18/22)


What's up everybody? This is Lola Ojabowale, founder of lunch pail labs. Welcome back to lunch pail daily, my personal audio diary about building and growing lunch pail labs, a digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It's Friday, so we'll go through our weekend review. First, starting with the goal and vision lunch pail Labs is a sustainable economic engine. Current target is to double and make at least half a million per year at some point for both products and services. And through lunch pail labs, I've honed my craft and conceiving, designing, building, launching and growing products, and I also get to consult with really dope and cool companies.Β 

Now let's get into the heat of it. Reflection what went well, what went poorly what I learned when one Well, honestly, this was just a week of just getting through it did a lot lots of changes. I mentioned yesterday, I'm going I went abroad, so prepping for that also it's tax season, so huddling up with my accountant and making sure all of our tax things are good. So lots of administrative work. And I the most thing that went well is I made it through the week. And persisted despite everything. And yesterday when I did post a sort of like the Twitter world have any advice for digital nomads? Or how do people stick to their routines and habits, especially when they're out of the element? One person, her handle is @devtaylor and I love all the things that she posts about things, said this, except that how you might get things done, changes but still tick stick to the routine. And I really liked that framing because it was kind of reminded me of that, like Amazon, or supposedly Amazon saying have flexible on process and flexible on vision. And so I have these goals of, you know, these ideas of what I'm trying to do. And it might look a little different in new environments, but we're still gonna get them done. And also, another one, someone sent me the most heartwarming message about the value they said or Yeah, about my content, and that they found it valuable. And it was just out of the blue. And it completely made my week. Because yeah, so what actually is being helped by some of this. So that was awesome to hear.

Β In terms of what went poorly, overall pretty solid week, I will say that this might be a time for another framework, but definitely feeling like I've been getting a lot too much into the weeds and some of like the the projects. And I know I need to schedule some time to step out step big picture, not just execute a bunch of requests, but like really understand like, oh, like where are these requests coming from? What about this product is unclear and sort of handle it on a better strategic level, but kind of just been going through the motions.Β 

And in terms of what I learned, it's actually so wild, since on Tuesday share that episode of software stacks, has experimenting with being more with more flexible platforms, low code, open source things that generate code, because of just like being platform risk with some of the majors in the no code space. And I think I've been now kind of seeing them evolve, seeing them get super popular, get lots of funding, and how that generally, you know, relates to the nest the need to make sure you have a good return on that funding. And so I just did like noticing trends with like the platform's deferring a little bit and who they serve and how they serve them. And it was so funny, like that day that I posted the episode bubble actually announced that they and they have retreated so far temporarily, a mind boggling price structure change, which just goes to show diversifying your skill sets, diversifying platforms, learning a lot of different things can really be a moat. I don't think any of the bubble developers are like, you know, crushed because of this or the businesses have ended or anything like that. But it just goes to show like yeah, you know, building on platforms. It's a good strategy in the short term. Eventually if we're thinking about how do we build 100 year plus businesses, you do have to at least be flexible. And those were really the main things for this week it's

Friday so I hope everybody has a wonderful one and I will catch you all later