March 17, 2022

#219 — 🧑🏿‍⚖️ Being consistent in new environments

#219 — 🧑🏿‍⚖️ Being consistent in new environments

I'm in the UK for the next month or so for work and family, jamming about showing up consistently and things I plan to try to not fall off on critical daily routines for Lunch Pail Labs. If you have any tips would love to hear them 👀


What's up everybody? This is Lola Ojabowale, founder of lunch pail labs. Welcome back to lunch pail daily, my personal audio diary on building and growing lunch pail labs, a digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In today's episode, we're gonna jam about being consistent when you're on the move when you're out of your space. And this episode is inspired by real life. I'm usually typically based in Atlanta, Georgia and I'm in the UK for this next month on some work occasioning of sorts, but also dealing with family matters.

And so there are all of these news, sort of like environmental triggers, sort of being out of my home base that threaten to throw me off my game, when it comes to sticking to my daily habits, showing up consistently, and doing the things I need to do every day for lunch pail labs. So I reached out to the universe of people on the internet to see what folks have to say about being, I think, being out of your space, and still like showing up consistently, I think it's probably mostly a solved problem, because there are all of these digital nomads, especially digital nomad creators, throwing themselves into new situations, new countries, new places, with different environmental triggers, and they still get things done. But here are a few things that I can think of, or at least I started to do today, because I arrived today of really making sure are really trying to support as well as possible that while I'm sort of in this different moment, I'm still showing up and doing the things I really need to do for lunch pail

So for one, I'm first one sort of recreating my space or really investing in like a work space no matter like where I am. So for the room that I've sort of staying in for this like month stay kind of recreated like a little workspace corner. And like organize what would be the desk station added some accouterments from the IKEA and stuff like that.

Just so that the I have like a consistent like, Home Home Base away from home for doing work that kind of really supports what I've found, helps me do my best work. And I kind of have that place to to return to and that also goes with some of my digital workspaces as well.

So there's a very particular way I kind of like to set up my like a multiple laptop situation if in my screens, and so it when I coming to when I'm coming to work, bringing those elements of film familiarity, I think has even though it's so far good one day has really helped at least feel like okay, yes, we're still in the zone to show up. The other is modifying the intensity of some of these habits when necessary. Just because you know, for example, today is I guess a Thursday maybe it's a Friday some other places but it's a Thursday I got in what would be three o'clock AM by like normal time and had to do a lot of just like organizing to be ready now it's like four o'clock PM, my normal time, but it's like nine o'clock PM, the time that I'm currently in.

But even though  I won't be able to maybe give the most intense shot to some of the the daily daily goals, modifying the intensity, basically making it small enough, so that I can give my best shot under the circumstances, I think will help me at least continue to make progress on these daily habits continue to stay consistent, but not just like half assing it all the time.

So and then the last one, but I think is in a similar vein to sort of recreating this space, bringing some familiar familiarity in terms of structure when I can is also really sticking to the rituals, I do things in a particular order that I feel like works for me. For example, I don't look at channels of communication unless I'm in a mode to respond to that. So I work in Sprint's I, you know take breaks a certain way, and there are a few like environmental triggers that can disrupt that by being in a new inbox but sticking to those ways of working and executing that I've found to help me do my best work. And enforcing those boundaries when necessary, I think is another thing that will help me stay consistent while I'm in this one month kind of out of my space. And

yeah, so those are, that's really the plan. We'll see how we rock it. I feel like I've been in a good groove shipping and sharing and building and learning this year. And I don't want to throw it all away, because I know how long it can take for me when I fall off the wagon, because I have multiple times to get back on the wagon. And so taking this different approach, usually I'd say something along the lines of like, oh, well, you're in a different place, let's just, you know, do the minimum to fulfill our commitments and just, we're in a different place. It's okay if we don't get all of the stuff. But instead, I'm trying to flip it and figure out the formula of like what I need to do to keep momentum.

So that is all I have to say today. And if you anybody else happens to be in the London area. Hit me up. We'd love to hang with other new coders or digital people or friends from Twitter and any of that. I'll be here for the next month. So that is all for me. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and I'll catch you all later.