March 15, 2022

#217 — 🧮 The online game

#217 — 🧮 The online game
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Some of the brilliance of transparent storytelling and building in public is not only the building an audience affects, it turns anything into a game. I ran into this packy article that describes this phenomenon well and reflects in this episode about how it all applies to Lunch Pail's infinite game.


What's up everybody? This is Lola Ojabowale, founder of Lunch Pail Labs. Welcome back to Lunch Pail Daily, my personal audio diary on building and growing Lunch Pail Labs, a digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. In today's episode, we're gonna jam about how everything's a game, the online game, the great game. So I've been really driving with this game framing, especially when describing business describing sort of some of Lunch Pail Labs's operating methodology. 

I had a previous episode which I'll link in the show notes about lunch pail's, infinite game, that was really about defining like, what game I'm playing and for me, and for lunch pail labs, it's really about continuous learning and leaning learning as much as I can about building great products and executing on that but but forever pursuit is learning and being as good as possible, like building great products. And I've been kind of running with this mo on that side of thing of like, I learn things, always learning, I build things for myself for clients that are products of that learning. And I share and get feedback and teach what I know. And that's sort of the core activities that I've kind of honed in on and I ran into this Paki article yesterday Packy McCormick if you don't know him, he's the founder of not boring CO. and writes a regular newsletter, which is not boring, it's actually like very entertaining to read it sort of demystifying a lot of business concepts and giving interesting takes on several different trends. And I ran across this article, which I'll also link game publishing, like over close to a year ago now. And it is titled The great online game. And it's all about how really being an online entrepreneurs like playing a video game. His take is about how crypto now supercharges this, but that article really sparked for me some of the brilliance of transparency and building in public. 

And I even recently, I've seen a lot more companies pursue transparent tore storytelling, whether it's the open startup movement, or I mean initialise, which is a massive venture capital firm, our director of storytelling, they'll do their own media arm, one of my state fav studios favorite, no code studios at 20 is also launching inside which is a media arm. So there's all this thing with like storytelling and transparency, and sharing stories. That's, that's helpful. And I know people get it from a media marketing attention perspective. But I think the coolest thing about doing in public is that for any task learning insight, you have the opportunity to introduce these feedback loop elements of the game. So for reference, in the article, McCormick mentions this, as well. There's a game entrepreneur, Josh Buckley, he defines four elements of really good games. And there are that there are feedback loops, variable outcomes, meaning Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work. It's not very linear of like it always, you follow X process and always works, the same sense of control and connection to the metagame. And what I find most interesting about this doing in public is one, it enables all of these elements. If you're transparent, and you're storytelling, and you just share your approaches, you're thinking, you're not only bringing attention to yourself in the company, you're can introduce feedback loops for any sort of mundane tasks, you did a go to market document, you did a meeting. There's that element that now gets introduced, which I think is really powerful. 

And I think I mentioned this a little bit last in last Friday and Fridays, we can review. But this idea of like feedback loops, and how do we introduce more of those is really interesting to me, as I think about like the activities that I'm engaged in every day. I feel like even with like the daily threads writing really the daily writing because I had been doing that for months prior putting it in a place where it was able to get more feedback. I don't know if the writing is any better, but it certainly has led to more invites to talk about things.

More followers, more impressions on Twitter and stuff. So those sort of, sort of elements and so alright, that's really it for today. That's like the main idea for today. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and I'll catch you all on Wednesday.