March 4, 2022

#210 — 🪞 week in review

#210 — 🪞 week in review

It's this week in  review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (2/25/22 - 3/04/22)


What's up everybody? This is Lola Ojabowale, founder of lunch pail labs. Welcome back to lunch pail daily, my personal audio diary on building and growing lunch pail Labs, which is a digital product studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It's Friday, so it is our Week in Review. So starting with the goal and vision, what we iterate on, or what we sort of mentioned every single week, what is Lunch Pail Labs. What are we doing lunch with Lunch Pail Labs, it's a launchpad business stainable economic engine, currently focused on doubling the business going it to half a million per year from products and services. And through lunch pail labs. It is my entity, my playground for honing my craft in building, designing, launching and growing products for myself and for clients. And that's it. That's the game. I'm just trying to build cool products and have fun. Now on to the meat of the reflection, what went well, what went poorly what I learned. 

So what went well, Monday cross two whole years in this self employment creator journey, I officially started operating under the lunch pail labs brand in June of 2020. So we have a couple more months until that anniversary. But this is Yeah, been my second whole year of being working for myself, getting to work with clients. Not having Yeah, being self employed. And last year was my most financially successful year ever in my life thus far. So loving the momentum, keeping it going. And I feel like I'm learning more about the business and myself and working, and all these tactical things every day. So grateful for the journey. That's probably my biggest one is being here. Next. 

So I've probably been mentioned for the past couple weeks in a row. What's the sales habit for Lunch Pail Labs, we're writing, we're building products, we're doing client work, but we don't have a sales habits. And I've decided that relationship building. Generally networking is going to be that habit. And so I've in my habits less I use a habit tracker. I've added a like once at least once a day, either amplify somebody else's work or slide into some DMs, meet some people. And I think I have like a, I think this week that went pretty well fulfill that every day met some new people heard about some interesting pain points in general. And so I'm really excited to continue to keep this as a habit, continue to dress. Honestly, I think my strategy is going to be be a helpful person and meet people and let and continue with that. And then I've also started this, like Jeff's slash product snapshot on the building product side of thing. And basically just sharing snippets of what I'm working on. I think for the past couple of months, I've really been overthinking what is the product habit? Granted, I mean, my whole work that I do, a lot of the work that I saw is related to me building a product in some shape or form. So I'm already doing a lot of it, but especially on the side of which I still have a long way to go like lunch pail labs products, not like just client products. And like this GIF slash product snapshot is something small and achievable. But I still have to get my work in a place that I want to at least share it every every day. So in terms of the more simplified modus operandi, I think I had like a really long like eight paragraph eight sentence thing. But really the activities that I'm generally involved in is learning new things that T shaped agency type model, just learning new things, building for myself for clients, teaching, that's my marketing and connecting with people connecting and amplifying people with people. That's my sales. Super simple, keeping it simple and I'm excited for at least that revelation and direction for this week. 

Now, in terms of what went poorly I think these past couple of months, January, February, even parts of December. I've done a lot of like inner work trying to optimize my habits reoptimize because I feel like I did an exercise of this when I was first embarking on the self employment  journey. And I have a pretty good idea of what I need to be doing, I've got a pretty solid idea of like the things that I should be doing every day that will set up future me for my success and continue to help me improve. Now I just have to close that gap gap between knowing what I need to be doing and actually doing it, which for me is in some ways solid black gap, for example, with the threads. Now that I've looked at analytics of what content performs pretty well, for my current audience, I know that some of my more like witchy will, this is mindset type content, nobody really cares about does that stop me from sharing it? Not quite, because sometimes it's hard in the moment to find the the difficult research backed and create those threads. So, but getting better, at least, I feel like I'm recognizing when I'm not doing what I know I should be doing and getting better at changing course there. And I think this even flows as as well with some things that I know will frustrate me like checking emails, when I'm not ready to respond to emails, I'm not ready. If I have not dedicated time to respond to them. There's no need for me to be checking them just to have an email blooming in my brain space. So figuring out those things. And I think I have a longer list now I talked about some of them yesterday, and actually doing them. That's my, I guess, next stage of this stuff. 

What I learned. So some of these show my work snippet experiments, I think some of them went well, I shared earlier in the week about because I've been taking notes, as I especially for things that I'm kind of doing for the first time and share it on Twitter about like, Hey, does anybody want these notes for this, like one process and people were like, Yeah, which I didn't necessarily expect. So I think that's was a little mini validation that was just so obvious. It's like, I feel like I even tell people to do these things, I just haven't been doing it myself. That gap man between knowing what you're supposed to do and actually doing it to think that actually doing it can be the frustrating part or the harder part. Also learned, I think I uncovered more recipes for flow slash frustration for me, again, talked a little bit about this, in yesterday's episode, doing things when I don't have much space, I won't be able to get into that flow. Doing even some things with my environment, like I have this little pop pod in my home where I do my work. And I have like a particular setup, my laptop is in one corner and I have some like ambient music. And I have my like main desktop in the middle. And if I try to do things like in a rush and like not have like, don't really have my screen setup, in a certain way, sometimes I like feel like I don't really get into that flow. And then I also learned a lot of tactical thing this things this week. So some react related things which are very interesting to discover, oh, and this method that someone actually shared online. I didn't know about, like rendering react in the web. And especially for a lot of no codes sites. Like bubble, for example, which is a full stack, no code web app builder. I hadn't previously figured out a way to like use React and like bubble. But yeah, there's just like React web method, react using React in the web method that I had no idea about. And so I'm really excited to experiment with that. I think that one project that I'm working on is going to require a lot of like animations. And so I'm really excited to experiment with that in bubble to sort of push the like, sort of design capabilities of bubble. And then also more on Flexbox. I don't really have an immediate project right now that requires me to use the new responsive engine, or I actually I shouldn't say Flexbox, I should say, the responsive engine and bubble. And so I've been like hacking through content. And I did dedicate some time to that this week. In terms of next week, continuing to iterate on these habits that I you know, activities can actually not so much iterate but continuing to do the activities that I've identified a little Modus here learning, building, teaching, connecting, reporting back on how that's going at the end of next week.

We've got a lot of just like tactical client work to knock out hoping to finish some like Flexbox learning and be creative and be present in and breathe and that's really all there is from me today so I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and I will catch you all later.