Jan. 4, 2022

#166 — 👩🏿‍🏫 Reasons why soloprenuers should explore CBC's

#166 — 👩🏿‍🏫 Reasons why soloprenuers should explore CBC's

Jamming on cohort-based courses on why I think they're a massive cheat code for solopreneurs. This podcast was also an atomic essay check it out here.


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What's up everybody, this is Lola Ojabowale founder of Lunch Pail Labs. Welcome back to Lunch Pail Daily my personal audio-diary where I share the real real on building and growing Lunch Pail Labs, a digital product studio based out of Atlanta Georgia. In today's episode we're going to jam about Cohort based courses, CBCs

I used to be as cousrse skeptic Why pay someone multiple multiples more for some knowledge that I could very well learn by myself on my own. And while I don't think everything really needs to be a cohort based course, I have found it especially useful to myself. As I grow lunch pill labs. I think they're especially useful to solopreneurs and I'll get into a little bit of why. 

Reason number one, they make solo working not so lonely. The right cohorts basde course I'll say CBC for short, will put you in the orbit of all sorts of quality people who will become friends, confidants and partners when I started my career is actually an industrial supplies. And while I did go to Dartmouth, which has a decent network, I didn't have many close connections at all with people who had built or rebuilding businesses that were like mine. cvcs really changed that for me. And while I've also made friends by showing up consistently on Twitter and through some online communities, joining a small group of individuals engage in that sort of shared learning experience, made those connections so much deeper. I think there's really a difference between Yeah, the connections you can make in sort of that, that CBC connects, instead of just someone you meet through through Twitter, obviously, you can have deep connections there too, but I have found this to be a cheat code. 

And also when we were talking last week, I believe, and the nature of the firm and solopreneur ship episode about some opportunities where software can really impact like the software stack for the solo worker, and where there are opportunities for software to impact the experiences of the solo worker networks was a really big part of that and I think increasingly in the future, we'll see that come across not only in more online communities where you have those networks, but um, these sort of cohort based courses and programs. 

Personally, the ones that I've done Square one Startup school,  On Deck no-code,  founder Summit, have been extremely helpful on the network. And also just finding people who I can tap if I have a question if I want to partner. So I don't know if lunch labs would be where it is today, without these sort of cbc's 

The second piece, where I think these like cohort based courses are especially helpful and very interesting. are learning topics that aren't well understood. I've found that that's, that's where they have the most value. Sure, like you can join sort of a cohort based course on like learning JavaScript will have some value you might meet some connections, but because a lot of platforms like Maven that has launched for CBCs, teachable you can literally learn sort of these niche topics from people who may very well be like the pioneers in those fields. 

And so kind of on your own. It's probably hard to learn things like how do you start a portfolio of small best that or how do you become a great Twitter  writer, or like how to be a minimalist entrepreneur, but there's like a CVC in those in those spheres, where you can literally learn from the people who are sort of pioneering the topic.

And then that comes back also takes me to Reason number three, I think it's the best teachers you might have like you can have access to and also I think one of the reasons to choose a CBC is because you're sort of getting to learn from someone who is the best  at whatever topic that they're teaching. You won't be constrained to the teachers you are connected to, or in your  city. You can a lot of these, like new creators do have avenues for you to learn in this cohort based way on the topics that they've themselves pioneered

So those are the main reasons for or what I think about CBC is and how I think they're relevant to solopreneurs. I actually just joined one this month ship 30 for 30, so I'll be shipping starting on Saturday. 30 days, 30  atomic essays. A lot of those atomic essays, will be repurposed to podcast episodes. So can't wait to share more about that

experience. And then after that's done, continue to refine my thinking on like the value of these courses court base when I'm done. So that's all I got for y'all for today. And I will catch you all on tomorrow, Tuesday.