Dec. 14, 2021

#151 —🎙Content Strategy for 2022

#151 —🎙Content Strategy for 2022
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Today's episode is all about the content approach I'll try for 2022. I am looking at breaking out content into a few different "brands" that serve different audiences.
First, @Lunchpaillabs will be a place for how-tos and frameworks around building products for no-coders/visual developers or using no-code/visual development to iterate and develop products. The goal is that it's helpful for people who I would consider typical clients on the consulting side of Lunch Pail Labs.

Second, @Lunchpaildaily (it's new!) will house more of the traditional "build-in-public" content. I'll share available startup-type metrics, the internal processes I'm using, and how I think of growth, mindset, etc. Here, the goal is that it is helpful to other solopreneurs or people trying to run businesses similar to mine.

Finally, @Ojabowalola will continue to be my personal Twitter where I continue to share the story of Lola and probably will retweet or share content from the other channels. Would love to hear your thoughts on the approach. Feel free to give me a shout on Twitter ( @lunchpaildaily) on what you think!