Oct. 7, 2021

#142 — 🔗 The Integration Economy

#142 — 🔗 The Integration Economy
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During Coda's Block Party, their team made a huge announcement sharing that anyone will now be able to create packs for the Coda community ( https://coda.io/packsbeta ) and they also announced a $1 million fund (https://coda.io/maker-fund) to build Coda solutions for the masses. Pretty wicked and it seems a whole ton of no-code platforms are opening up their integration communities (to name a few you have Bubble plugins, Bildr patterns, Airtable apps, Adalo components, and now Coda packs ). In Coda's announcement, they mentioned that they want to support makers creating businesses on top of Coda (in the form of packs, docs, etc). What do you think? In this episode, I riff a little on this whole burgeoning integrations economy.